Brooke Reaves is the editor-in-chief and cofounder of The Texas Orator. She is a second-year majoring in Business Honors and Plan II Honors at UT Austin. She considers herself a strong classical liberal. Brooke looks forward to growing The Texas Orator’s community and increasing the free exchange of ideas on campus. Outside of her time with The Orator, she tutors with PlanTutoring, leads a creative writing club, takes too many classes, learns French, studies Texas history, and reads voraciously. Twitter/Instagram: @brookelinreaves



Wes Dodson is a cofounder of and writer for The Texas Orator pursuing a Plan II and Marketing double-major. A perennial holder of unpopular opinions, Wes approaches national politics from the classical liberal position, which he commonly describes as “small l” libertarianism. After arriving at UT, Wes became increasingly aware of and interested in the role of UT Student Government and has written analyses of the economics of SG and how it is used as a national politics dog whistle. He hopes to co-helm The Texas Orator through the rough waters of student journalism and expand the awareness of student opinions. Wes is currently working on a detailed historical account of UT Student Government.


Brendon Sparkman is a cofounder of and writer for The Texas Orator as a fourth-year UT student majoring in English with a minor in Marketing. A staunch conservative, his writings focus predominantly on the long-term effects of social trends in America with something of a poetic flair. He is adamant in his desire to see The Orator become a major contender in the on-campus political sphere and is glad to see The Orator left in capable, passionate hands. Outside of The Orator, Brendon plays music locally and enjoys spending time on the river with his Bichon Frise.




Candace Baker is our Culture Editor and a Journalism and Government student at the University of Texas. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Candace writes for The Texas Orator on social and cultural issues in America. In addition to being a news and film enthusiast, she hopes to someday write professionally for a major publication.


Erica Colston is our Editor-at-Large and a History second-year pursuing a Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas through the Jefferson Scholars Program. Aside from writing for The Texas Orator, she performs in plays with University Theatre Guild. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to share her thoughts and improve her abilities with the help of all the lovely people at The Orator, as well as for those who have supported her in all things. She is excited for what else this organization has in store for UT as it continues to grow as a publication.


Mark Csoros is our Domestic Affairs Editor and a second-year in the Plan II Honors program, also pursuing a Marketing degree through the McCombs School of Business. He is a member of the McCombs Leadership Program, plays for UT’s rugby team, and won the first-year section of the 2017 Worthington Essay Contest. This summer, he is working as a shared-time intern with the Texas Association of Defense Counsel and the Texas Civil Justice League. As part of Mark’s commitment to meaningful political and philosophical discourse, he volunteer coaches a middle and high school debate club in South Austin. He hopes that The Orator will continue to act as a catalyst for ideological engagement, while changing minds and firing imaginations. 


Jeffrey Marshall, our Tech Editor, studies Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas, while also pursuing a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas from the Jefferson Scholars Program at the university. He writes for The Texas Orator on how economic policies and political involvement can affect different markets, such as the sports and cryptocurrency markets. He is from southern California, but also feels a strong attachment to both New Jersey and Texas. He is an avid sports fan and a lover of innovation. Jeffrey hopes to pursue a career in computer architecture.



Nicholas Romanow is our Foreign Affairs Editor and studies International Relations and Global Studies at the University of Texas. He writes for The Texas Orator on foreign policy, political economy, and public life. Nicholas was born in Canada before moving with his family to Dallas, Texas. He also trains as a track and field/cross country athlete for long distance races. Nicholas hopes to pursue a career in public service.



Carson Coronado is a second-year Business and Liberal Arts Honors History major from Austin, Texas pursuing a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas through the Jefferson Scholars Program. His primary academic interests include the study of Late Antiquity and Latin American History. Carson writes for The Texas Orator on economic policy and United States political history. In his spare time, Carson enjoys playing the banjo and can often be found at Lions Municipal Golf Course.


Shoumik Dabir is a second-year Plan II and Economics major pursuing a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas through the Jefferson Scholars Program. Having lived in India, Singapore, England, and now the U.S., he takes great interest in international geopolitics and is an ardent follower of American and Indian politics. He enjoys being involved in the UT Austin community through student government and is currently the vice president of a Hindu youth organization on campus. He is thankful for The Texas Orator’s presence as a voice for undergraduates and keenly anticipates its rise as the premier student-led political review in Texas.


Delaney Davis is a Government and Spanish double-major in the Liberal Arts Honors program from Dallas, Texas. She writes for The Texas Orator on Texas politics, particularly Austin politics, and UT Austin campus culture. Besides writing for The Texas Orator, she is heavily involved with interpersonal violence prevention work on campus. Eventually, she hopes to one day practice law to help serve marginalized communities. She feels grateful to be able to see The Orator grow from just an idea to a reality.


Grace Leake is a Plan II and Business second-year from Austin, Texas. She’s passionate about freedom of speech, diversity of thought, and the right of all individuals to design their own destinies. When not writing for The Orator, she is likely reading science fiction, working on her book, playing quidditch, or talking to Brooke Reaves about Harry Potter.


Rylan Maksoud is a Plan II and Government second-year from Houston. A former editor-in-chief of Neo Politico, a youth journal for politics, Rylan is passionate about politics and its interaction with the world around us.



Florent Marchais is a Philosophy major and Entrepreneurship minor at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also part of the Jefferson Scholars program. His interests lie in new research in academia and activism on campus. He has lived in Travis County since 2007, calling Austin his home.


Sara Ross is a second-year Plan II Honors and Social Work double major pursuing a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas through the Jefferson Scholars program. Originally from Keller, Texas, Sara hopes to pursue a career centered around human rights and social justice. In her free time, Sara enjoys writing, listening to music, and getting lost in Austin with her best friends. At any given time, she can be found hammocking around the honors quad, studying with her classmates, or at a show supporting the University of Texas’ various live theatre and fine arts programs.


Anurag Singh is a Computer Science second-year from California, with eclectic interests, including politics, philosophy, and technology. A self-described rabble rouser, he tries to weave his personal experiences into the articles he writes for The Orator. He also hosts a popular weekly radio show on KVRX, the college radio station for UT Austin.



Andrew Woodward is an Advertising major from Frisco, Texas. He writes for The Texas Orator about cultural issues and works to uphold individual civil liberties. In his free time, he enjoys running and making fun of terrible movies with his friends. Andrew loves the fact that The Texas Orator is a publication that promotes genuine conversation, and can’t wait to watch it continue to develop and grow.



Jacob Kunz is an English second-year from New Braunfels. Stemming from a background in writing and broadcast journalism, Jacob took up a position as a columnist for UT’s campus newspaper, The Daily Texan. He is now the resident Head of Copy for The Texas Orator. Outside of his work with The Orator, he is an avid fan of theatre, film, and proper grammar. He hopes to see the publication’s reception expand and is eager to continue working with such a passionate team.

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